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2023 Pricing Structure for renewal of vows

Award Winning Celebrant Service £395.00*
  • Initial ‘getting to know you’ telephone call or face to face meeting: let me shout you to a drink whilst you tell me all about the ceremony of your choice. We will talk about the things that are important to you both. Things you want to remember, share and celebrate about your married life to date and also the things that you are looking forward to sharing as a couple in the future. I then create a truly personal, beautiful, meaningful ceremony. This will become a very special and memorable day for both of you, your family and friends.

  • A true to celebrancy guide to writing your own vows if required.

  •  Access to a large library of vows, readings, and poems. This in no way prevents you from adding your own choices and these will be incorporated into the ceremony.

  •  The writing of the ceremony and a first draft copy. Amendments as necessary. This may require several email exchanges.

  •  Delivering the ceremony up to 1 hours: At a venue of your choice is part of your basic costs. An extended ceremony would incur further pre-agreed costs.

  •  One printed copy of the ceremony on high-quality paper as a memento of your day.


A renewal of vows ceremony is beautiful and meaningful. Though it is a shorter ceremony than a a full wedding ceremony, it is nonetheless a beautiful affirmation of your original wedding day. If you are unsure whether you need a full wedding ceremony, or a renewal of vows then I am happy to guide you through the primary differences


*Additional costs apply to all packages: 


Travel within a 40 mile radius of Leeds City Centre is included in the basic package. Travel beyond this distance will be charged at an additional 45 pence per mile for meetings and your ceremony.
Additional copies of certificates/ceremonies: £2.00 for certificates and £3.00 for full copies of


Symbolic ceremonial keepsakes: These may be sourced by the couple or True to You Celebrancy can provide them for a pre-agreed additional cost.

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