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About Deborah


Hello. My name is Deborah. I am a working mother blessed with two wonderful little humans. Yorkshire born and bred, I feel very lucky to live and work in God's Own County. I have many passions in life including good coffee, Baileys, gin and dark chocolate (though not all together!). My biggest passion though is people. Human beings are endlessly fascinating. We are all such unique bio/psycho/social beings and we all have a truly fascinating story to tell. 


I am an independent celebrant trained and registered with the internationally recognised Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. I am also a mental health nurse of 27yrs. This affords me the real privilege of working with individuals and families, listening to their stories and creating meaning.  




travelled extensively from 1999 and was privileged to experience many different cultures. In the early 2000's I travelled and nursed in New Zealand for almost 2 years. This was a time of great personal and professional growth for me. I was struck by the beautiful Maori culture and its use of powerful symbolism. 


On returning to the UK I studied systemic family therapy. The systemic approach to working with families made me consider in more depth the emotional impact of those transitional points in life. Worldwide, these transitions are times of mutual celebration, love, laughter, joy, reflection or sadness.   It is something that now underpins all of my work as a celebrant and a nurse.

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