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2024 Pricing Structure for Funeral Ceremonies


  • Basic Funeral Celebrant Service. £220.00*
  •  Initial ‘getting to know you’ face to face meeting. I will visit to talk with you about the person who has passed. I do not come with a list of questions and I try to make the meeting as informal as possible. It should feel like a gentle conversation and not an interview. It is common for people to experience a range of emotions during this meeting. It is a safe space and I am very experienced working with people in distressing situations. We often have laughter and tears. Many of the families and individuals that I have worked with describe this meeting as a really 'comforting' and 'helpful' experience. The information that you give me helps me to put together a truly meaningful reflection of the person who has passed. It is important that the ceremony is right for you, your family and friends and that it makes the experience of saying goodbye, as good as it can possibly be under the circumstances.

  •  Access to a large library of readings and poems. This in no way prevents you from adding your own choices and these will be incorporated into the ceremony.

  •  Contact via telephone, email or text to any people identified by you as important to the ceremony. It may be that they are delivering readings or carrying the coffin etc. I will talk them through the ceremony and support them in writing any reading if they so desire.

  •  The writing of the ceremony and a first draft copy. Amendments as necessary.

  • If required, an order of service for you or your funeral director to use in the printed booklets.

  •  Delivering the funeral ceremony at a venue of your choice is part of your basic costs. Saying goodbye is so important. For most the time allotted time per service offered at the venue of your choice is more than adequate. I will help you balance this. Sometimes, however, families feel as though they need more time than is allocated by crematoriums, for example. If you are worried about feeling rushed or unable to say all that you and others who have been privileged to share their lives with the deceased would like to say, then we can think about an extended celebrant service. My commitment to you is to offer additional time to continue the celebration of life beyond the formal ceremony if required. Included in my services is the option for me to accompany you to the beginning of your funeral wake in a professional celebrant capacity for up to 1 hour. This can be a lovely safe space to continue sharing personal stories and tributes about your loved one before I gently hand over the remaining time to you, your family and friends to enjoy privately. An extended ceremony of over 1 hour may incur further pre-agreed costs. 

  • Commemorative printed copies of your ceremony on high-quality paper (up to four per ceremony)*

  • An emailed PDF copy of the script for you to save and circulate at your discretion.

  •  If I have had the privilege of conducting a funeral ceremony for you, I am happy to accompany you to offer a brief blessing and/or carefully composed parting words at the scattering or interment of ashes. Travel costs may apply.


Script Only Service. £85.00


  • Funerals can be very costly and many people do not realise that they are not obliged to have either a minister or a celebrant! Regardless of cost, perhaps you want a very intimate ceremony. Maybe you would like the ceremony to be delivered by somebody who knew the deceased personally. This can feel like a very overwhelming prospect, even if you are keen to do so. The script only service is offered with this in mind.  It includes:

  • The initial family meeting as described above. If the person delivering the ceremony is not present at the meeting, I am happy to contact them via phone or video call to talk them through the workings of a crematorium if necessary. 

  • The writing of a ceremony, including a daft and amendments as required. 

  • A  word doc 'read' copy of the script by email attachment and a PDF commemorative copy for you to save and circulate at your discretion.



​​*Additional costs:

  • Travel: Travel within a 40 mile radius of Leeds City Centre is included in the basic package. Travel beyond this distance will be charged at an additional 45 pence per mile.

  • Any personalised ceremonial items will be priced individually. 


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