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Your wedding ceremony. 3 reasons NOT to book a celebrant for your big day.

3 (celebrant tongue in celebrant cheek), reasons NOT to choose a celebrant led ceremony ❗️‼️

❌ basically, your ceremony is pretty much the least important part of your day. It’s not about you or your story, personalities, values, and beliefs. It is simply a means to legally register your marriage paperwork. You have no real interest and your guests are happy to sit and listen to

Lots of scripted legal jargon.

❌ you have wads of cash to spend on a quick, often relatively templated conveyor belt ceremony. You don’t mind never having met your officiant until 10 minutes before your ceremony for the final legal checks and a capacity assessment. 👇👇

LARGE, UNDERLINED ‘SMALL’ PRINT …….🌟 A celebrant is often roughly the same price or thereabouts as a registrar led ceremony at licensed venues. Hours and hours of work getting to know YOU before your big day.

Note, prices are variable. You will not find us on ‘compare the …… ‘, you know, the meerkat one 😆. Celebrant prices are subject to multiple variables including, but not exclusively, 🚚 shortages of HGV drivers, 🎶📀 the UK number 1, 🧦🧦 the colour of your socks, 🛸 🪐 life on Mars, and 🌴🌳🌴🌳 the outcome of ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here…..’ 🤣🤣

….and finally,

❌ you don’t really give a hoot who tells what to say and do, where to say and do it, and when to say and do it.

Of course you can be married outdoors without a celebrant - well, kind of. As long as you are outdoors slightly standing under a structure that’s ‘indoors’ ‘outdoors’.

Do you love your garden or the local waterfall? They are very special places to you but you accept your marriage will somehow fail catastrophically if this is where you legally register your marriage - and ditto if you fell in love with the much brighter, airier, welcoming room or at your licensed venue, but bummer. It’s not the licensed room 🥺🙄

So, there you go. That’s all cool 😎 right ⁉️🤔🙄. Noooo. 100% bespoke celebrant led ceremonies all the way.

Celebrate NOT having celebrants 😆😂😊 (not 🤣)


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