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"Your wedding ceremony enjoyed, not endured!"

The registering of your legal marriage is an important, yet simple process. It does not have to be part of your wedding ceremony. This is your gift to choose. It holds equal legal standing and respectful gravitas however you choose to coordinate it with your wedding ceremony.  Your celebratory celebrant-led ceremony is NOT legally binding. This is the ceremonial celebration of your marriage.  In accordance with the marriage law of England, you will both have been required to first give the legal notices of marriage and to have completed the legal registration of marriage paperwork with the local authority registry office. This is a very quick and simple process and can be done prior to your celebration of marriage and wedding ceremony. Your marriage will not be legally recognised in the UK until you complete this registration of marriage.

Your personalised, fun, love-filled, joyful celebrant-led wedding ceremony is now totally free of all the dictatorial historical constraints that can come with other types of wedding ceremonies. Outdoor weddings, festival weddings, beach weddings, the family garden, weddings under canvas, barns, stately homes, castles, urban chic or simply a wedding at a venue you both love, but that is unlicensed is no such thing as one perfect wedding ceremony. It is your day and your perfect wedding ceremony will the one that reflects your beliefs and personalities. I will lovingly craft it with you, for you. Let your imagination and your personalities take you wherever you want to go as you join together and consolidate your love. I stand proudly in my belief that love is love and champion LGBTQ equality - #YouDontNeedToAskHere.      

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