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Your ceremony enjoyed, not endured. 

Ceremonies across the life cycle lovingly crafted with you, for you.

I'm Deborah, A listener, a translator of life stories, a narrator, and a performer of ceremony. I specialise in creating joyous, authentic, fun, inclusive, meaningful, and truly memorable ceremonies.


I’m a warm, welcoming, free-thinking Yorkshire lass.  

The act of ceremony is a uniquely human thing, and we perform it worldwide at significant transitions in life. Ceremony should be a safe space, an inclusive celebration that welcomes everybody equally.

Whatever your occasion, I am here to pay attention to you and your story. Every ceremony I create will have a touch of humour, a dash of wit, and a dose of sentiment in a mix to reflect you and your ceremony. It will always be full of meaning and authenticity. It will be true to you.

The true to you logo

You may not be familiar with Maori culture, and I do not claim to be an expert. The Koru symbol is the Maori word for "loop" and refers to new shoots of the silver fern. The spiral-shaped Koru design is derived from this unfolding silver fern frond. The circular movement towards an inner coil refers to 'going back to the beginning'. The unfurling frond itself is symbolic for new life, new beginnings, hope, perfection, rebirth, a new start, awakening. personal growth, purity, nurturing, a new phase (in life), the spirit of rejuvenation and peace. 
I lived and worked in New Zealand for several years and named my firstborn child after the New Zealand silver fern. It felt appropriate to have one as my logo symbolising all I stand for as a celebrant.


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