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More about funerals and memorial services

"Created with you, for you"

When creating a funeral ceremony I take time and great care to listen to you. In doing so, it is possible to understand the person who has passed, to understand those personal traits that people wish to remember and to recall the most memorable moments of their life. Time is taken to reflect on the special relationships that they held dear and to celebrate their life. As an independent civil celebrant, I am able to be respectfully inclusive of all the important aspects of your loved one's life, beliefs, and passions. A ceremony may have a secular feel if religion was not important to the person we are saying our goodbye's to. I am more than happy to include any religious readings, prayers or hymns into your ceremony if this is important to you and your loved one.



In designing and delivering a ceremony with compassion and dignity, I hope to leave you with a memory that will, in the fullness of time, be comforting to you and your loved ones.



I am delighted to say that the families and funeral directors that I have worked with have felt that a True to You Celebrancy ceremony has offered all of the above, voting me "The most  promising new comer" in the funeral celebrant category of the National Celebrant Awards 2019. 

Planning the funeral of a loved one is never easy and it can feel quite overwhelming. There are so many things to arrange and it comes at a time where you are already managing so much. My commitment to you is to be as helpful as I can be. I work with your chosen funeral director and together we become a team around you. I am there to help support you and to deliver a beautiful and personal ceremony.



Whether you are looking for a traditional graveside or crematorium ceremony, or a less traditional funeral ceremony such as natural burial ground, for example, I create the ceremony based on the time we have spent together thinking about your loved one and to blend seamlessly with your chosen venue and style of ceremony. 



It can be hard to fully do justice a life lived in a fixed time slot. You may wish to continue the celebration of life beyond the committal ceremony. The funeral wake is often a safe space where people continue to share stories and pay tribute to the deceased. I am happy to help you think about how you can carry some of the ceremony over into the wake so that you feel you have had space you need to say your final farewells without external time constraints.



If you are having a cremation and have decided upon interment or scattering of the ashes, I am happy to join you and offer a blessing, or prayer, and carefully chosen parting words as part of my celebrant service .

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