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  • Deborah Page

Will you still love me when I'm sixty-four?

was privileged to meet with a wonderful lady yesterday who made me pause and reflect on some of the many changes that face couples as they journey through married life together. This very special lady has had a full and eventful life. Together with her husband they have lived through life threatening illnesses, the birth of children, their children growing and having families of their own, and more recently, becoming great, great grandparents. She talked me through the highs and the lows of their journey. It was an engaging, yet humbling story. "can I renew my wedding vows?" she asked. This seemingly innocent question came from place of genuine curiosity, but also from an anxiety that the relationship she and her husband now share has changed, almost beyond recognition, from the one they first had when they joined as man and wife. Her anxieties had their roots in what she felt a typical marriage should be, in what she perceived others expectations of her relationship with her husband would be, and in her own need to accept what their relationship had developed into after all those years and in the context her husbands ill health. Together we began to construct a unique wedding vow renewal. One that briefly referenced the original wedding vows, but one that also allowed her to make her commitments and promises to her husband, come what may. This helped her celebrate all the rich history of their married life and their achievements, whilst validating the marriage they now share. At True to You Celebrancy, it is this commitment to understanding you and your stories that is at the very core of what I do, what ever the ceremony.

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