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  • Deborah Page, True to You Celebrancy

A Celebrant Across the Life Cycle

Welcome new readers and welcome back to True to You's existing followers.

Today I wanted to share something that runs thematically throughout my work as professional celebrant and as a nurse - the 'life cycle'. In 2016 I completed my post graduate certificate in Systemic Family Therapy at the University of Leeds. Of the many schools of thought within the systemic practice community, the 'life cycle' model (Carter and McGoldrick 1980), was one that really resonated for me as a celebrant. Carter and McGoldrick talk about the journey through life and consider those points where we, as individuals and as members of a larger family system or collective group, make significant transitions.

Life transitions across cultures are often marked with a symbolic, ritualistic ceremony or celebration. As a professional celebrant, it is a privilege to create unique ceremonies which capture the very personal story behind the celebration. Some welcome new life, some the joining of individuals and families, some reconfirming commitments or milestones and, sometimes, saying goodbye to a loved one.

A celebrant is a professional who is trained to help you create any sort of ceremony. So, taking it from the very beginning of our life cycle, whether it is a baby shower, a naming ceremony, an 18th birthday or a 21st, a wedding ceremony, a wedding vow renewal, a divorce party (yes, this is a thing! Just think Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's "conscious uncoupling") or a funeral, a celebrant is perfectly placed to help. At True to You Celebrancy, it is my privilege to work with YOU to create a ceremony that is is right for YOU.

Join me over the coming months as I think in more depth about life transitions and how we celebrate or mark them.

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